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History: Presidents of the US Poster

All Presidents of the United States Poster

Art Print Size: 36" x 24"  View ordering options below.  American History being taught today, as a rule, is corrupt revisiont - altered history. Example: The 1964 Civil Rights Bill - 80% of Republicans voted FOR this bill, while only 65% of Democrats voted for passage. In other words, had it not been for the Republicans, this Bill would have been defeated because the Democrats were the majority party. Are you aware that FDR,  Woodrow Wilson & LBJ were the most Progressive (Marxist) Presidents in history ...until now? Do you know that the Federal Dept. of Education is unconstitutional? Why is it that the 50 States receive less than $.50 on the dollar for education? The truth about 'separation of chuch and state' is in the Founders debates while forming the Constitution & Bill of Rights. It has been altered 180 degrees by the Progressives. Educate yourself, as did the Founding Fathers ... thankfull, they didn't have the 'public education system'.  When choosing a Discount Picture Frame, you will also need to choose "Plexiglass" or "Lamanart". Lamanart is a process we do to educational posters which gives it a canvas-type texture, replacing the glass covering. It is UV Ray Protected & Non-Glare, providing you with very aesthetic framed specialized classroom posters ...and you never have to clean your framed pictures.

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