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History: Rosa Parks 24x36

Famous African American Rosa Parks Poster

Art Print Size: 24" x 36"  View ordering options below.  Rosa Parks was a Civil Right Activist, best known for her refusing to give up her seat on a bus. She supported the Martin Luther King. Jr. movement, truly believing that RACE shouldn't matter. She realized that liberal democrats had black racial issues and were rewriting history that republicans were racist, yet she saw that liberal democrats were the true racists - promising black and miniorities help & social economic weath while doing everything but. MLK was a JFK Democrat. JFK & MLK, today, would be considered a radical right-wing conservates. When choosing a Discount Picture Frame, you will also need to choose "Plexiglass" or "Lamanart". Lamanart is a process we do to the black art posters & prints which gives it a canvas-type texture and replaces the glass covering. It is UV Ray Protected & Non-Glare, providing you with very aesthetic framed black art prints or framed diversity posters ...and you never have to clean your framed pictures.

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History: Rosa Parks 24x36
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