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Poster Quality

Our Low Pricing
I've noticed your pricing is lower than everyone else.  How can that be?    Our posters are the EXACT same posters you see on other web-sites. We all buy from the same publishers as wholesalers (or distributors), which means you are getting the exact same poster.

We believe Internet Shopping is where you should always be able to Purchase Posters and Framed Posters Below Retail, getting the best quality and service for your money!  The owner didn't find this to be the case in most instances: too much for the product, price gouging on shipping/handling or poor service.  She decided enough was enough and brought 100PlusPosters to the World Wide Web, creating a great product line offering all posters below retail, inexpensive framing and excellent service for Internet Shopping. 

 Can you tell me more about your "Framed Posters"?    You can go to our "Picture and Poster Frames" section to view our selection.   Additionally, we mount each poster on 'foamboard' so it won't warp or buckle.  Our WOOD Frames are the best quality for your money: many styles and colors to choose from.  You will pay less when ordering our wood frames than you would when ordering regular metal frames from other internet sites or your local art galleries.  We recommend WOOD Frames because of their superb quality and price.  We have every color to match any decor! Our Metal Frames are nice for those who already have metal in their office.  Our Economy Frames are 3/4" width and have a 'flat-matte look'.  Whatever you choose, it will look great & last for a very long time!