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Guarantee & Return Policy

Product Quality
Can you tell me about your Poster quality?
    Our posters are the same as everyone else, only better priced.   Publishers copyright and publish posters; wholesalers to consumers buy them.  If you see the same poster on our site that you have seen in stores or on other sites, you can bet it is the same exact poster.   Our Litho Line is 'top of the line'.  Lithographs are on acid-free paper.  Ordering from us will save you up to 40% as compared to anyone else - even after adding in your shipping charges!

Do you have a guarantee? We want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.  If you are not satisfied you may return the order within 15 days.   POSTER ONLY orders receive a full refund (less the initial shipping/handling charges).  FRAMED POSTERS are charged a 20% restocking fee and the initial shipping/handling charge.  Simply call our toll free number for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.