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Discount Framed Pictures: Corporate Motivational Art, Educational, Patriotic Military Posters

Specializing in discount framed motivational art in a variety of poster sizes: 8x10, 16x20, 12x36, and 22x28 with quality discount art gallery picture frames in a variety of colors. Corporate framed motivational posters for employee motivation and training rooms; discount framed educational posters with motivational quotes for classrooms. Patriotic Military posters with the American Flag or American Soldiers for homeland security, military bases and veterans. Law Enforcement Pictures for military police officers.

Our site has many categories: Large 22x28 Motivational Posters which are listed alphabetically by title (Achievement, Challenge, Determination, etc). We also have 16x20 and 8x10 discount motivational posters in their own categories. Our motivational sports posters (team sports, extreme sports, etc.) have its own category. You can easily search our site with one word or many words (Golf, Sports, Motivational, size, title - like Teamwork or Success) or by item number.

Discount Educational Posters are grouped into 2 categories: Motivational posters with motivational quotes for student motivation in classrooms or schools. And Specialized educational posters for science, math, biology, history, astronomy, ecology and more.

3 categories of Patriotic Military Posters: Motivational posters with famous patriotic quotes, military lithographs (many of which are signed by the artist painter) depicting detailed pictures of American soldiers, military aviation aircraft (helicopters, airplanes, army tanks), and finally Military Aviation Aircraft posters (FA-22 Raptor, Blackbirds, Tomcats, etc.).

Discount Framed Fine Art Prints and Posters are great as corporate art for offices and the home. You can purchase ours or you can send us your art prints or posters for us to frame for you. We are known for our Lamanart Process which replaces the glass covering of a framed picture. This Lamanart process gives the picture/poster a 'canvas-type' texture. What is great about the Lamanart process is that it is UV Ray protected so the poster will not fade, it is non-glare so no matter what type of lighting you put it in you always see the picture, not a reflection of yourself and you never have to clean it.